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With the cotton net we make the authentic fisherman curtain. This curtain is very decorative. Once installed, allows the light at the right point just to keep the place cool, avoiding seeing through it from the outside but allowing its visibility from the inside. The top part is made of 3 cm. wide crochet with the same net mesh thickness. The bottom part has a 10 cm. fringe.


Standard curtain: top part made of crochet and bottom part with fine cotton fringe, lighter and darker than the net.
Another option includes a fringe with the same thickness and color of the curtain.

Curtain without fringe: same specifications like the other except for the fringe. The finishing is the natural cotton piece. The net knot avoids it to unpick.


A. Bring the top part and put us, spreading the width of the curtain.
B. Make the top part of crochet (5 cm.).

In both options, wood rings can be added every 20 cm. during the curtain width. We have available rings of 35 and 45 mm. diameter, according the thickness of the wood pole where the curtain will fit in.


We must bear in mind that cotton is a natural material, as such, requires a delicate care.
Washing these curtains can be done in the washing machine with a cold program and a slight spin, just enough to avoid water spilling when getting out from the machine. Once put on its site, it will stretch back to its original length.

VERY IMPORTANT. We must always put the wet curtain hanging to stretch and return to its size, otherwise it will be shrunk.

Sun, wind and rain make that, at last, the curtain lose its natural color and the material gets damaged.


The mesh hole is 2.30 cm. with a thread of 1.5 mm. thick.
The manufacture of these pieces of cotton weaving is done by means of traditional methods. The thread used is 100% cotton natural color.


That’s a very usual question among our customers with an easy answer: only giving the exact door, window or hole measurements you want to cover, we calculate the needed net and its final price. We always have in mind the pole and the crochet (in case you want it).
To make a cotton curtain fall and remain well positioned, it’s very important to measure the width of the door or window. From 1.30 m. widths, two pieces of net will be needed. In these cases, the curtain may be accompanied by a joint of the same thickness as a separate thread or simply unbound. In large portals or windows is almost more convenient to do it in this last way, because it can be opened in different ways.


- Thread reels with the same thickness of the net to make any extra detail in the curtain.
- Small boxes of leads to give more weight to the bottom part of the curtain.
- A picker for one side.
- Lighting lines with marine motifs for the top part of the curtain.


If you need a fisherman's net to decorate a wall, we have them in different types and measurements. In our virtual store www.elremitger.com you will find different decorative net models with different finishes. Like the curtains, those nets are made of 100% cotton and dyed with natural ink.
The thickness and mesh holes of the net are the same like the curtains, but in our store we have available different thicknesses, mesh sizes and materials (like nylon).
Nylon is a synthetic fiber resistant to meteorological events, and is the material used by the fishermen nowadays. They’re more economical than the cotton nets and its color always will be bright if dyed.

(Click on the bold link to access the product's description on our web)

- Crystal balls with natural hempen rope, available in blue, green, yellow and red colors. In combinations of one ball (COD 11939), two balls (COD 14263) and three balls (COD 14264)
- Different hemp rope thicknesses to complement the net (View product options).
- Lobster pots in decorative sizes (fisherman lobster pot and juncus lobster pot).
- Natural corks or plastic floats in different sizes.
- Liferings in two different measures. Available in blue and red colors.
- Cotton thread reels (RMG12156)
- Other complements, available through our website www.elremitger.com under the category Decoration Nets and Complements.

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